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The European Union 8767 s GDPR ( General Data Protection Regulation ) suite took effect yesterday, May 75, 7568.  We look at what it might mean to Scientology, and how activists might use it as an avenue to bring about positive change in the organization, or, if Scientology is not serious about complying with the rules, how they might be hamstrung (but not shut down) by the GDPR.

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The same is true for your life in general.  The noise you need to cut out first?  That’s the mental noise you hear all too often—the busy, worried thoughts screaming over your sanity.

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In Part 8, we’ll look at the controversy surrounding Hubbard’s departure and travel back to the United States from Brisbane, Australia, using some of the same previously cited sources from Parts 6 and 7 along with public records, such as those of the Naval Air Transport Service (NATS) and the Pan American Airways archive held by the University of Miami. I want to especially thank Jeffrey Augustine for laying much of the groundwork as to possible avenues for Hubbard’s travel home, specifically in response to Margaret Lake’s assertions as to this timeframe on her Scientology Myths blog. Ms. Lake attempts to demonstrate that much of Hubbard’s narrative about his return home from Australia is essentially true, and we 8767 ll be rigorously challenging her claims as to the veracity of Hubbard 8767 s narrative.

Then, at that same motel 85 minutes later, I met a family of six in the lobby.  They were just hanging out, sharing stories, laughing and taking turns reading excerpts from a book.  Their joyous presence caught my attention, so I asked them where they were from.  8775 Oh, we’re from here, 8776 the father said.  8775 Our house burned down last night, but miraculously all of us got out safely.  And that makes this a pretty darn good day. 8776

Some commenters have suggested that GDPR could be a mortal blow to the Scientology organization, either globally or broadly across the European part of the operation. We strongly disagree. We do believe that the cult can be significantly hobbled in Europe but even the assessment of the maximum penalties and a high degree of oversight by regulators will not cause Scientology to shutter its doors.   We discuss how activists against Scientology can use GDPR to hamstring the organization, even if it will not be driven entirely out of business.

As the United States of America approaches the Fourth of July Independence Day celebration, we invite all believers to join us in saying the following prayer each day from June 76 through July 9.. MORE

Part 6 looks at what Hubbard thought made a Scientology org ideal, and we’ll look at why Miscavige took the idea and turned it into something very different.  There’s an underlying strategy as well as the usual cult needs to exploit both staff and members.   Continue reading 8775 Scientology Ideal Orgs as Destroyers of Wealth, Part 6: The Strategy 8776

Ease your worried mind by tuning out the excess noise in your head for a little while every day.  It’s summertime after all, and there’s no reason not to take your mind off (the wrong) things and find a little extra peace.

Each page contains information about a particular group, ., salamanders , segmented worms , phlox flowers , tyrannosaurs , euglenids , Heliconius butterflies , club fungi , or the vampire squid. ToL pages are linked one to another hierarchically, in the form of the evolutionary tree of life. Starting with the root of all Life on Earth and moving out along diverging branches to individual species, the structure of the ToL project thus illustrates the genetic connections between all living things.